2 drills to improve swimming strokes

Swimming needs a lot of techniques to be applied to train your body to swim flexibility and move in the way you want the body to act. The best way to achieve this is by practicing yourswimbook swimming drills. There are many swimming drills available at www.yourswimlog.com which helps you to improve the stroke. You need to find the weakness of the stroke and then use the right drill to cope up with that weakness.

Play catch up: By extending the body and arms will help you to carry out a fluid stroke that allows you to swim for a longer distance. When arm stroke gets shortened while swimming faster, it is critical for you to stretch the body to carry out freestyle stroke that in turn helps you to do fluid stroke. The catch up drill that you practice will help you learn how to extend the arms while carry out this stroke. You first need to start with freestyle stroke by extending the left arm in the forward direction. You need to keep this arm until you do not pull back the right arm. Once you pull this arm back to its starting position, you need to extend the right arm. This drill will help you to keep both your left and right arms in sync with each other to carry out the next stroke.

Drag fingertips: As and when you are recovering from every stroke, the fingertip drag will completely focus on the position of your arm. When you drag the fingertips onto the water as and when you recover from the pull, it helps you to have complete control over the movement of arms. More importantly, it will not let your energy to get drained by moving your arms unnecessarily after every stroke. To adapt this drill, you first need to start with freestyle stroke, then get submerged in the water and bring back the arm and then drag your finger to the top of the water as and when you bring back your hand to the start position of your stroke.